What we do
At Turbulence Simulation and Modeling (TSM) Lab at Michigan State University, we strive to understand the fundamental of turbulence through simulation and to develop next-generation predictive methods.  We are interested in complex, realistic wall-bounded turbulent flows, such as those with pressure gradients, unsteadiness, surface roughness, rotation, compressibility, multiple phases, etc.  You can find such flows in turbomachineries, vehicles, animal locomotions, rivers, the atmosphere, just to name a few. 
From left to right: Sai Chaitanya (PhD student), Saurabh Pargal (MS student), Prof. Junlin Yuan (director), Mostafa Aghaei-Jouybari (PhD student), Guangchen Shen (PhD student)
About Prof. Yuan
Dr. Yuan is an assistant professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University. She obtained both MS and PhD degrees (2015) in from Queen's University, Canada. She developed large-scale, high-fidelity numerical simulation methods of wall-bounded turbulent flows with complex boundary geometry. Her research goal is to push the boundaries of physical understandings of complex, realistic turbulence, and to develop physic-based and empirical closures for a wide range of applications.  She serves on proposal review panels and as reviewers for numerous journals. She is also actively involved in MSU outreach program such as the High School Engineering Institute.
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